Our Approach

Simply put, we want to encapsulate the emotions that surround your wedding, and really capture your unique relationship. We want to be mindful of the hard work and planning you have put into your wedding, and we want to create imagery that speaks to the way you are with your partner – that sweet look, that silly giggle, the way you hold each other. Being a wedding photographer is an amazing gift, and we treat it as such. We like to engage with your family and friends, and have fun with them. We like to help you bustle your dress, if needed, and congratulate you in the quiet moments we have together. We become friends, we celebrate together, we document your love story.

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Do you work with an assistant?
I do. I’ve worked with the same assistant (or as we call them in the photography world, ‘Second Shooter’) for years. I recommend having two photographers if you’re having a wedding with over 65 people.

What does wedding photography cost?
Allyson's collections begin at $5500 & Chantel's collections begin at $4000. 

This includes an online gallery of your wedding day pictures as well as all the images in high resolution. We have always believed that these belong to you, and therefore include them in all of our collections.

Can I customize a package with you?
Of course! If you have a specific budget in mind, or specific photography wish lists, let’s certainly customize something for you.

Can we do a ‘first look’?
Of course, we can do almost anything you’d like! We're go-with-the-flow kind-of gals and are happy to make all your photography wishes come true. Wedding photos should really be a reflection of who you are as a couple, and how much time you’d like to dedicate to imagery vs. being with your wedding guests. I’m happy to work with whatever photography schedule you would like.

How do I know who the best photographer is for my wedding?
Here is the simple answer: Do your personalities mesh? Do you like what you see from his/her portfolio and does he/she fall within your allotted budget? Is he/she recommended by others, friends AND other vendors? If the answer is yes, then I think it is safe to say you have found your wedding photographer.

Surprisingly, between all of your wedding vendors, you end up spending the majority of your wedding day with your photographer. Make sure you feel comfortable around him/her and that he/she brings out a fun side of you and your partner. This will be incredibly important, and will of course affect your end product – your wedding imagery.

How long before I receive my wedding images?
We take a lot of pride in my retouching and as geeky as it sounds, we know the importance of color correction and the beauty in post-production. Simply put - we don’t like to rush things when it comes to processing your photos. Within six weeks of your wedding you will receive a link to view your images online and download your high resolution images. We encourage you to open them with a bottle of wine and really celebrate (again) with your partner.

Have any other questions? Just ask! We're happy to help!