Allyson Wiley

From the moment I picked up a camera at 10 years old, I knew I was onto something special. Tinkering with my mother’s old Nikon manual SLR camera was a precursor to my career today – documenting love and the human connection.

Through years of graduate study courses in photography and my own life experiences, the smell of a darkroom has never been far away. My dream of capturing memorable, defining, beautiful and heartfelt moments for others ultimately led me to my career as a wedding and portrait photographer. I’ve been very blessed to photograph some incredible events in the most remarkable locations, for outstanding and inspiring people. My images have graced everything from magazine covers to wedding websites, billboards to television; my proudest moment was when my images were used to raise awareness for AIDS orphans in Zimbabwe at a presentation to the United Nations. My camera has become my tool for exploring love, friendship, family and the world’s inter-connectedness.

I live in Sonoma, California, with my amazing husband and two beautiful kids, Micah and Emerson. They will tell you that dance parties in our kitchen while blasting music and baking are how I spend a lot of my non-working hours.


Chantel Giongco

I’ve always been drawn to matters of the heart and the amazing connection that exists when you bring family together.  Before my career as a wedding photographer, I was a cardiology nurse. I worked with patients intimately and incorporated their families into the treatment and healing process.  It was a beautiful time in my life because I was so intertwined with patients as they went through something profound.  What I love about documenting a wedding day is that I also work so closely with couples, and with their family. I am able to witness and participate in an event that will forever be remembered and celebrated. It is truly an honor and a privilege to have that close connection to those I’m photographing.

Allyson and I have worked along side each other for six years and we decided to share a studio in 2014. It has been a wonderful resource for our clients - combining our talents and providing our clients with more photography products and services. We look forward to meeting you and documenting your heartfelt celebration.